Tips, Secrets, and Advice For Traveling Mexico

by Jim Foreman,

Traveling in Mexico is different than traveling in Canada or the United States. Gone are the strict traffic rules nearly all Norte Americanos are programmed to follow. Signage, customs, courtesies, and right-of-way are all irregular to an unseasoned driver.

Furthermore, stories of corrupt cops stopping travelers for bribes are aplenty. Many stories are real but even more are embellished to make the protagonist sound noble and heroic.

Let’s start with the premise that you understand safety in Mexico, know how to use currency in Mexico, Know what’s legally required to travel to Mexico, and are still ready for an incredible adventure. If you are not clear on these topics, please click on the links for each one for clarity.

Mexico is an exciting and fascinating destination by road and offers amazing sights, wonderful food and some of the warmest and kindest people on Earth.

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