6 Faces of Guadalajara – Discovering Mexico Overlooked By Tourists

We came to Guadalajara by chance. Without knowing anything about Mexico, we were attracted by its manageable size (compared to that of Mexico City), a reputation of safety and cheap plane tickets. A composite of 3 cities – Guadalajara proper, Zapopan and Tlaquepaque, it’s a 4 million people urbanity, the second largest in Mexico. We spent here two months exploring the metropolitan without rushing. Our first encounter with Mexico, in Guadalajara I tried my first Taco de pastor, our 3-year-old beat his first piñata. And we made our first Mexican friends. Open, courteous and humble, mexicans don’t need a lot of time to win you over.

Guadalajara suffers from some of the same maladies many cities of its size often do: pollution, urban sprawl, lacking or not well maintained public infrastructure. But if you are willing to overlook that, you’ll discover a place rich in history and character, not bent by the demands of tourism. In fact, during our time there, most of the tourists we saw were Mexicans from other parts of the country. And that’s the promise of Guadalajara: an immersion into a modern Mexican life, connected to its past, and beaming with culture and creativity.

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