Medellín Living 2016 Reader Survey Results

Our 2016 Medellín Reader survey was run over a period of three weeks. The survey was promoted on the Medellín Living website and also via emails to readers. We received a total of 722 complete survey responses.  We promised to share the survey results with readers.

This article provides our survey results. We want to thank all of our survey respondents.  Your survey responses will help us improve the Medellín Living site over the next year.

We also offered the opportunity to win a 300,000 peso gift certificate to Carmen restaurant as an incentive to respond to the survey. Terence, an expat from Holland living in Medellín, is the lucky winner.

Our reader survey wasn’t scientific and it wasn’t intended to be. It was intended to survey the Medellín Living reader base.  As a result we can improve the website to better meet the needs of readers.

Our survey was in English and the Medellín Living site is in English.  Therefore it wouldn’t include responses from those that don’t speak English.

However, the survey had a high response rate. So it can be used to find out some interesting information about visitors to Medellín, those considering moving to Medellín and expats actually living in Medellín.

I am not aware of another survey that has surveyed over 200 expat visitors to Medellín, plus over 200 expats considering moving to Medellín as well as over 200 expats living in Medellín. But this survey did.

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