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Maybe you made a New Years travel resolution. Maybe you were flicking through Instagram and decided you should see the alps in person. Here’s how to guarantee that you follow through on your travel resolution. Whether you’re dreaming of a three month tour of SE Asia or working up the courage to get out of your town and live the location independent lifestyle, you’ll need a change agent that sets everything in motion.

To be honest, I’ve never been a New Year’s Resolution kind of person. Expecting self-transformation because of a numeral on the calendar feels unrealistic to me. If you’re really motivated but 2017 sees you with the same work routine, habits, and life structure as you’ve always had — the barriers to change are too high. The travel resolution is not going to happen.

So let’s fix that. It’s kind of a cheat, and I’m a huge fan of cheats when it comes to accomplishing goals.

So: there’s a huge checklist to go through if you want to travel, right? Wrong. A checklist is the best way to talk yourself out of travel. The checklist should come after the commitment’s already made.

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