9 Important Tips about Healthcare for Expats in Mexico

By Betsy Burlingame, from

IMSS vs Seguro Publico vs Private Health insurance

Expats in Mexico share tips for choosing health insurance in Mexico. The discuss the difference between IMSS, Seguro Publico and Private Health Insurance. Plus, they talk about quality of care, prescription drugs, hospitals and having major surgery in Mexico. If you have additional advice for newcomers, please take a minute to add it in the comment section below.

An expat in Monterrey, Mexico offered advice about healthcare in Mexico. She said, “it depends on finances and age. If you’re a professional moving to Mexico for business reasons, then you’ll no doubt be given a private insurance plan. For those still young, private insurance is cheaper than in the USA but still ultimately unaffordable. Those working for public or private sector employers should automatically be enlisted in the IMSS which is our national system free to the user. Roughy equivalent to the UK’s NHS, if you need something major it is excellent. For minor problems you may care to go private. Besides the IMSS, if you’re not working you can enroll in the govenment’s Seguro Popular system which is probably a bit inferior to the IMSS but again will protect you against major events. Next, I recommend paying monthly to subscribe to a private ambulance/outpatient service such as EMME. The price is reasonable and they come quickly with a fully equipped ambulance and medical team. They also have an outpatient walk-in centre open until late.”

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