Medellín Living 2016 Reader Survey Results

Our 2016 Medellín Reader survey was run over a period of three weeks. The survey was promoted on the Medellín Living website and also via emails to readers. We received a total of 722 complete survey responses.  We promised to share the survey results with readers.

This article provides our survey results. We want […]

The 5 Best Places To Move To If You Don’t Like The Election Results

Amy Schumer said she’d move to Spain. Bryan Cranston said he’d move to Canada. Jon Stewart said he’ll move to another planet. At last count, 23 celebrities have claimed they’ll leave the country if their preferred candidate doesn’t win the presidential election….

Celebrities—and anybody else who’s found themselves saying, “I’m outta here”—take note: […]

Traveling in Colombia: The Best Moments


When I decided to take a 2.5-week solo trip to Colombia, I wanted to pack in as much variety as possible. Cities and rural areas, destinations for both locals and international travelers. And I wanted to do it on a budget — not a shoestring, but enough of a budget to save money […]