By Donna Stiteler –…

A Familiar Scene

We’ve all been there. Working 50 hours a week, we come home late, exhausted. Grab a bag of drive-through Chinese food that we eat straight out of the carton in the car on the way home because we’re starving having worked through lunch. At home, we plop […]

Why do some expats stay while others leave?

Three Cuenca residents discuss the reasons

By Sylvan Hardy,

Just as there are reasons why some go home sooner than others, there are also reasons why others stay.

In addition to Ingle, who has lived in five countries in 30 years, we asked part-time Cuenca expat Martin Simmons, who has lived in three countries since 1995, and CuencaHighLife editor David […]

How will you like living in Ecuador … after two years? Some advice for expat wannabes

By Jeff Van Pelt

Are you thinking about moving to Ecuador? If so, it might be wise to ask why approximately 50% of expats who move here eventually return to their home country. After more than three years in Cuenca, I have seen many people repatriate — or move into the gray zone, staying […]

While some see a real estate melt-down in Ecuador, others see opportunity

By Liam Higgins,

Where are Aberger and his partners looking to invest these days? “We’re moving our focus to South America and I especially like Ecuador and Peru right now.” He says he is also researching Argentina and Colombia, but calls them “back-burner prospects” at this point.

Aberger has already made his first Ecuadorian […]

Conspiracy theories for expats: Putting the wanna in wannabe, an important tip, and the worst reason for a plan-B in Cuenca

By Scott Fugit,

“I’m Asian, and I didn’t want to end up in a camp — they’ve done it before,” after a second glass of wine, a Cuenca expat is quietly telling me why she left California.

“I worked in the industry. We left Seattle as soon as we saw the video and understood […]

Moving to Ecuador: A Conversation with Mary Wingo

By Real Deal, from

Tell us about yourself! What do you do when you’re not traveling the world? Where do you live? What made you decide to go to your most recent destination?

I live is beautiful colonial Cuenca, Ecuador, perhaps one of the loveliest cities in the Western Hemisphere. I am a small-business […]

8 Tips for Living in Cuenca, Ecuador

By Betsy Burlingame,

“There are many good things about living here. In general, the pace of life is delightful, people are friendly and the climate is agreeable. I relax so much more and after 6 months or so, I could viscerally feel the stress leaving my body,” confessed one expat. “We found Cuenca both […]

Teaching English in Ecuador: What you should know before beginning a job search

by Christopher Lux, from

I was already teaching when I moved Ecuador. I teach online, and I had the work set up before I moved from the U.S. In terms of money and flexibility, I feel like this is a good way for me to “teach in Ecuador.” There are a lot of people […]

How To Make the Most of Your Next Visit To Cajas National Park

from, by Carolina Salazar

One of the “must see’s” for any visitor to Cuenca should be Cajas National Park. A large percentage of the people who visit Cajas National Park tend to make a classic rookie mistake: they hear about it and decide that they want to visit this unparalleled gem of nature […]

Food and Shopping in Cuenca, Ecuador

From Goodbye, USA! Hello, Ecuador!

Do you love to eat and love to shop? I know I do! The experience of eating and shopping in Cuenca, Ecuador, is new, exciting, delightful, and sometimes difficult. It has been enormously enjoyable! Everyone in the world has a need to fill their stomachs with nutritious food, and to […]