Top 10 places to visit on the Ecuador coast

Air Europa’s new flights from Madrid to Guayaquil start on 16 December, making an Ecuador trip much easier. Here, we highlight a coastline of great resorts, as well as tropical forest and wonderful wildlife.

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by Sheryle Verkley –

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life living abroad, in one country or another. And along the way I’ve learned some truths about what it’s like to be an expat — some good things, some hard things, and everything in between. This article is for those potential expats […]

Ecuador expats are more vulnerable to crime in small towns and rural areas than in larger cities, study shows

By Liam Higgins,

A graduate school research project indicates that expats living in small towns and rural areas of Ecuador are more vulnerable to serious crime than those living in cities.

The research, by University of Edinburgh doctoral student Kelly Fowler, focuses on expats in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama and Spain.

“What we found […]

4 Reasons Why Americans Retire in Ecuador

By Evan Tarver,

America is quickly becoming a land that is not ideal for retirees. With a comparatively high cost of living, rising healthcare costs and no 2016 cost-of-living increase in Social Security in the United States, many Americans are looking overseas for places to retire. Latin America, especially the northern parts of South […]

The 5 Best Places To Move To If You Don’t Like The Election Results

Amy Schumer said she’d move to Spain. Bryan Cranston said he’d move to Canada. Jon Stewart said he’ll move to another planet. At last count, 23 celebrities have claimed they’ll leave the country if their preferred candidate doesn’t win the presidential election….

Celebrities—and anybody else who’s found themselves saying, “I’m outta here”—take note: […]

Ecuador ama la Vida – Provincia de Loja

Is It Safe in Ecuador?

By Jim Santos,

Recently, Rita and I took a week long exploratory trip up the coast, along the “Ruta del Sol” of Ecuador. When we announced our plans to friends and family back in the States, I was surprised at how often we heard some variation of the admonishment to “Stay safe!” Now I […]

Stay on the Ecuador farm that produces the world’s most expensive chocolate

By Aaron Kase,

A bar of To’ak chocolate sells for a tooth-splintering $345 – but a stay in a treehouse in the Ecuador rainforest where it originates costs just $15 a night

If you think the controversial Mast Brothers chocolate is pricey at £19 for a 200g bar, then you haven’t come across […]

You’re moving where? Are you both crazy!


You’re moving where? Are you both crazy!

Well, maybe just a little crazy but……..

We made the decision to move to points south in 2008 without a real destination in mind. Since I can never seem to do anything half assed, by 2010 we announced that we were moving first to Florida and […]

Locro de papa (Ecuadorian potato and cheese soup)

Ecuador has many memorable dishes but my fave is locro de papa. It’s easy to make, if you can get the ingredients. Here’s a little story about Laylita, my friend (well, actually we’ve never met) who has a great website for Latin American foods.

Layla Pujol is an Ecuadorian modern-day nomad who loves to cook […]