9 Important Tips about Healthcare for Expats in Mexico

By Betsy Burlingame, from

IMSS vs Seguro Publico vs Private Health insurance

Expats in Mexico share tips for choosing health insurance in Mexico. The discuss the difference between IMSS, Seguro Publico and Private Health Insurance. Plus, they talk about quality of care, prescription drugs, hospitals and having major surgery in Mexico. If you have […]

Great website for weather research

The Forecast Reimagined

Traditional forecasts tend to be either too simplified or too verbose. We strike a balance and summarize the day with precisely the key pieces of information that are relevant to know.

This gives you a forecast that is at the same time quick and easy to read, while not skipping details that […]

7 of the Top Places U.S. Expats Are Living in Latin America (and Why)

By Park,

The U.S. State Department estimates that there are currently 6.32 million Americans living overseas, in over 160 countries.  But where exactly are they choosing to reside?

Thanks to a new interactive map that uses migration data from the United Nations Population Division, we can now tell where Americans are living […]



As we brace ourselves to move abroad for the third time in a few years, I look back and I know that squeezing our lives into a suitcase and leaving our native Barcelona was the best decision that we could have possibly made. Because when you move away, when […]


by Sheryle Verkley –

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life living abroad, in one country or another. And along the way I’ve learned some truths about what it’s like to be an expat — some good things, some hard things, and everything in between. This article is for those potential expats […]

Cheapest cities in the world based on cost of living


Are you a nomad on a low budget? Need to live on less than $800USD per month? This site reviews cities around the world with monthly cost of living ranging from $109USD in Indonesia to $748USD in Colombia, with selections in China, Egypt, Mexico, Sumatra, India, Russia, Syria, Vietnam, Argentina, Brasil, Turkey, and […]

Ecuador expats are more vulnerable to crime in small towns and rural areas than in larger cities, study shows

By Liam Higgins,

A graduate school research project indicates that expats living in small towns and rural areas of Ecuador are more vulnerable to serious crime than those living in cities.

The research, by University of Edinburgh doctoral student Kelly Fowler, focuses on expats in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama and Spain.

“What we found […]

4 Reasons Why Americans Retire in Ecuador

By Evan Tarver,

America is quickly becoming a land that is not ideal for retirees. With a comparatively high cost of living, rising healthcare costs and no 2016 cost-of-living increase in Social Security in the United States, many Americans are looking overseas for places to retire. Latin America, especially the northern parts of South […]

Where the Expats Live in Mexico

Mexico attracts thousands of foreigners each year to move and explore the country. We wanted to examine where these foreigners or (expats) are moving to. We focused on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Maybe the map and article will help you in your search if you are looking to relocate.

Moving to the Yucatan […]


By Allison Sherman,

The conversation went something like this:

Me: “C’mon kids, lets go see some more ruins!”

The Chillins: “Noooooo! Not more ruins! We are so done with ruins! Anything but ruins!”

Me: “OK then, we are going to an old plantation to learn about rope.”


Hacienda Sotuta de Peon

We heard […]