A Guide To The Regional Cuisines Of Mexico

By, Nils Bernstein

“Mexican food” is a misnomer, or, at least, woefully inadequate to describe the many distinct regional cuisines that encompass the term. The pork dish cochito, ubiquitous in Chiapas, might be a mystery to someone in Tamaulipas. Recently, when a (now-shuttered) burrito place opened in an upscale Mexico City neighborhood, the press coverage […]

Kuala Lumpur Guide For Durian Lovers

About this Kuala Lumpur Durian Guide

I admit it; Malaysia stole my heart five years ago and hasn’t yet given it back. It means I spend a lot of time in its largest city, Kuala Lumpur, either in transit to another part of the country or to meet up with friends and have […]

Round The World For Food

If you travel for food, get ready for a series of videos you don’t want to miss!

Round The World For Food

Mark Wiens

I think one of the absolute best reasons to travel is for food. In this series of 39 daily vlogs travel food videos you’re going to see 9 different cities and […]

Stay on the Ecuador farm that produces the world’s most expensive chocolate

By Aaron Kase,

A bar of To’ak chocolate sells for a tooth-splintering $345 – but a stay in a treehouse in the Ecuador rainforest where it originates costs just $15 a night

If you think the controversial Mast Brothers chocolate is pricey at £19 for a 200g bar, then you haven’t come across […]

Locro de papa (Ecuadorian potato and cheese soup)

Ecuador has many memorable dishes but my fave is locro de papa. It’s easy to make, if you can get the ingredients. Here’s a little story about Laylita, my friend (well, actually we’ve never met) who has a great website for Latin American foods.

Layla Pujol is an Ecuadorian modern-day nomad who loves to cook […]

Food and Shopping in Cuenca, Ecuador

From Goodbye, USA! Hello, Ecuador!

Do you love to eat and love to shop? I know I do! The experience of eating and shopping in Cuenca, Ecuador, is new, exciting, delightful, and sometimes difficult. It has been enormously enjoyable! Everyone in the world has a need to fill their stomachs with nutritious food, and to […]

15+ Ecuadorian street foods you must try

From (Be sure to click on Laylita’s Recipes on her website.)

“This is my top 15 list of must try street foods in Ecuador. There are some Ecuadorian street foods that you will find in every region (Coast, Highlands, Amazon, Islands) of Ecuador and almost every city or small town. There are also some […]

Exotic Fruits of Ecuador

Exotic Fruits of Ecuador Ecuador features many different geographies, from snow capped active volcanoes, lush jungles, to coastal plains. These varied conditions provide a fantastic place for growing many types of fruit. Fruit lovers will discover, along with all the common tropical fruits, many new varieties of fruit not imported or found in North […]

How To Make Mexican Street Corn (Elotes)

This is the best way to serve corn, period.

I know that’s a bold statement, but it’s one I’ve backed up with years of detailed scientific studies into the eating habits of my wife and the occasional friend or neighbor. I’ve calculated to several decimal places exactly how much faster the average ear of corn […]