7 of the Top Places U.S. Expats Are Living in Latin America (and Why)

By Park,

The U.S. State Department estimates that there are currently 6.32 million Americans living overseas, in over 160 countries.  But where exactly are they choosing to reside?

Thanks to a new interactive map that uses migration data from the United Nations Population Division, we can now tell where Americans are living […]

Why US baby boomers are retiring in Latin America (+video)

LOS ANGELES — After 20 years in the US military, James Cummiskey was divorced and looking for a change. Relenting to his buddy’s request, he flew to Medellín, Colombia, for a visit. He looked, he saw, and, by dinner time, he decided to stay. Permanently.

“After four to five hours, I was immediately captured by […]

The marijuana situation in Latin America, Ecuador, and Cuenca’s expat community; ‘the times they are a changin’

Uruguay has become the only country in the world with legal, regulated, recreational-marijuana sales, the world’s first and only state-run marijuana marketplace. An omnibus marijuana law was passed in 2013, of which two major elements have gone into effect.

First, individuals are now allowed to grow up to six plants (17 ounces) at home; second, […]