Ecuador expats are more vulnerable to crime in small towns and rural areas than in larger cities, study shows

By Liam Higgins,

A graduate school research project indicates that expats living in small towns and rural areas of Ecuador are more vulnerable to serious crime than those living in cities.

The research, by University of Edinburgh doctoral student Kelly Fowler, focuses on expats in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama and Spain.

“What we found […]

The 5 Best Places To Move To If You Don’t Like The Election Results

Amy Schumer said she’d move to Spain. Bryan Cranston said he’d move to Canada. Jon Stewart said he’ll move to another planet. At last count, 23 celebrities have claimed they’ll leave the country if their preferred candidate doesn’t win the presidential election….

Celebrities—and anybody else who’s found themselves saying, “I’m outta here”—take note: […]

8 Countries Where $200K in Retirement Savings Will Last 30 Years

By Investopedia Staff,

A list, along with short summary of cost of living in each country.

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